Thursday, January 9, 2014

DeadMau5 Head part 1 Ears

I was watching YouTube the other day and I saw a Deadmau5 head and I had to have one, so I went to the Internets to see what I could find out about it. I found some dimensions that  liked and started making my master molds. I decided that I would start with the ears since I already knew what I was going to use for the head. I started by putting down expanding foam.

from there I made a template with the measurements that I had. and make a rough cut.

after I made a rough cut on the ear I started filling in all the empty spots that the foam didn't get in to.

I then sealed The foam to get it ready for mold making, on to the next part the head itself.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Have a nuka on me!

Just sitting around the other day playing Fallout 3 and wondering what would a Nuka Cola Quantum taste like??? hmm... well I can't make one that tastes good but I figured I'd make one that would look good.  first I had try to figure out what size bottle I could use, and I found that A Mexican coke bottle is the best size for the in game bottle. This is what I wanted to try to replicate for those of you that don't play fallout 3.

And this is what I got, for all of you who just like the finished project look at the bottom of the page if you want to know how I made my keep scrolling.

I'm not a great photographer but I'm learning. to start I went down to the gas station and found a Mexican coke bottle and emptied it and cleaned it out.

after that I filled them with tonic water and blue food colouring. I chose tonic water because it reflected the light better than normal water.

from there your done all you have to do is get a push light and put underneath it or if you want to get fancy you can get some blue leds and wire up some lights in a custom box.

Friday, January 3, 2014

new camera box

This isn't a prop but a good idea for any body who wants a good camera case. This is a water, drop, and dust proof box that I picked up from my local army surplus store for only $10. you can find them online for cheap or use something similar.

from there I went and bought some spongy foam blocks and cut out the size that I needed and glued them in to the box. from there its simple all you have to do is trace and cut around your camera and your done.

A great weekend project!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Army of Two Mask

While playing the game Army of Two I was noticing the masks the charters had on, I was wondering if there were any out there? I found some but they were all for air-soft or paintball and had mesh covering the eyes and I knew that would not do. I did some looking and found a pep file.

I figured that it would work for what I needed it for and started work on it. I printed it all out and started cutting and gluing.

I next had to put a couple coats of fiberglass resin and fiberglass.

I tried to keep the bondo in small patches so that I would have more time to work with it and put it in thin coats. I started with the bottom half I figured that if I did it in two halfs that i would always have a dry end to hold.

once I sanded down the bottom half I started on the top half and sanded it down as well. after that it was time to fill in the nooks and crannies.

after I was happy with the smoothness then I Put a coat of fiberglass resin to get into the small cracks and give it a smooth gloss to it. onces that was done I started marking out the slots for the snaps to connect it to the back harness that I am making to hold it to my head.

After I had marked out some rough spots I went ahead and put a coat of primer to see all of the ruff spots, and sanded them down smooth as butter.

I wanted to make a mold of it so I could make multiple masks fast. so i started building up the silicone on the mask. now I have never made a mold of anything so this is was a learning experience.

I had to make a mother shell to hold the silicone in place for casting.

thats all for now keep looking back here for the cast from the mask!!