Thursday, March 6, 2014

My first cast!!!

I wanted to start my spring break of right, with making my first ever resin cast! I decided to make a cast of my army of two mask so I could try some different painting ideas. I started by making a silicon mold of the mask.

from there I had to make a fiberglass shell to hold it all together while I shushed cast it.

I went out and got some aluminate. (sorry for the crappy pic) 

and then I went to shushing, when I was satisfied with the thickness of the cast then we wait for drying time which was only 20 minutes so very fast working time. 

time to demold I went ahead and put a thin coat of primer to cover up the boo boos. and from there I was done and satisfied with my cast time to make three more. (left is master)(right cast piece)

thanks for checking in.